Goddess Body® Inc.,

Is a Women's Natural Health, Organic Feminine Hygiene & Holistic Lifestyle Company established in 2011 with over tens of thousands of loyal clientele across the world and growing. It is our passion and purpose to provide women with a wealth of holistic knowledge, organic sustainable products, plant-based feminine care, hormonal/emotional balance through natural supplements, detoxification, and services focusing on women's holistic healing, empowerment & overall pristine wellness.

The Goddess Body Cleanse®

Detoxing not only focuses on the physical internal cleansing of the body, but provides emotional, mental & spiritual cleansing as well.

Our Goddess Body Cleanse Women's 28-day Plant Based

Detox System is Potent, Effective, & Convenient delivering the results you desire without sacrificing quality! Clear out and Glow Up Today!


  • "All of my experience of studying religion, studying spirituality, studying natural healing, traditional medicine, has kind of enriched my vision of the world. Not only seeing reality as this moment, but as a culmination of all of the history behind us, and all the fruit that hopefully we will be able to grow from the seeds that we are trying to plant, of
    goodness and peace and beauty and equality."

    - Assata Shakur

Hi! My name is

Hi! My name is

Angela Elizabeth

Owner of Goddess Body Inc. (Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Biologist, Herbalist, & Educator of the Holistic Sciences)!

I experienced my own battles with ill health, ranging from cysts, sexual traumas, painful menses, was told I couldn’t have children, anxiety/panic attacks, etc. After many failed attempts to heal, I took on a plantbased diet, researched & trained with the best in holistic health. Soon enough, I successfully eradicated all forms of cysts & dire feminine health disorders! I now have 5 children as a testament! My healing journey, and passion for holistic healing & education inspired the creation of my company Goddess Body® Women’s Holistic Health & Hygiene product line in 2011, and The Goddess Academy® In 2021. Give Goddess Body® Inc. plant-based healing products a try! We are tried and true! Our products have worked miracles for my myself, family & housands of women, men, and children across the globe!

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#GoddessBodyClientele #GoddessBodyTestimonials

  • “Take care of the Toto ladies, I love Goddess Body Products!”

    - @AmaraLaNegra

  • “There is an art to life and I will make sure I have the best, goddessbody products for me are included in my loud pack of
    what “the best” really is.”

    - @ReignGlobal

  • “Ladieeess Goddess Yoni Oil is my favorite product EVER, its AMAZING, it’s the BEST!”

    - @InasX

  • “I can rave about Goddess Yoni Oil® all day!! I just love when a product does what its suppose to do. The smell is wonderful and I
    can smell the goodness every time I take a tinkle.”

    - @NerissaNefeteri

  • “Can I tell you about the ultimate feminine hygiene brand!!! godessBody is A lil Taste Heaven on Earth Ladies!!”

    - @Visionsumo

More lovely words from our customers

  • I must give you your props. I've had eczema all my life. This Balm is the best I've tried! Ever! I've been on a steroid ointment for years and tried many
    different products. This by far is the truth. I will definitely reorder. Thank you!

    - @lovely.lez17

  • I won't use anything else! Love love love My Goddess Wash and Yoni Oil!!! Healthy Yoni Extract is the truth too! And my skin is flawless using the 24k Goddess Extract.

    - @3rin8626

  • I bought the wash and the oil, I love them! The wash rinses without residue and the oil, is fantastic! They're a great addition to my self care routine.

    - @k8miye

  • @goddessbody I appreciate you!!! Your products have changed my whole life!

    - @melodyishername

  • I've been a loyal customer for 5 years. I always stock up so I never run out.

    - @jazzolina

  • I bought the wash and the oil, I love them! The wash rinses without residue and the oil, is fantastic! They're a great addition to my self care routine.

    - @k8miye

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