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As a woman, Our Yoni is the most sacred area of our body. By way of her canal, life is brought forth unto the world! This area is also the most sensitive to environmental conditions as almost anything can serve to throw off her delicate pH, or cause imbalances yielding to bacterial overgrowth, cyst, or worse. Also, our skin in general is the largest organ of the human body and absorbs high levels of substances with which it comes into contact. By using our natural and organic products you can drastically reduce the amount of negative chemicals we absorb via the yoni and the rest of our skin & also benefit from a wide range of natural ingredients, many of which have been used effectively for hundreds of years. We offer 100% natural body & feminine hygiene products, handmade in our lab only!

These products will help your body to HEAL itself from a myriad of feminine health, skin, & hair issues, & provide natural healthy maintenance to your body. Click here to learn more details on how these products work and how they can benefit you.

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GoddessBody Inc. offers plant-based extracts, teas, & cleanses to assist the body in ridding itself of specific imbalances such as PMS, hormonal imbalances, cyst/fibroids, Yoni Ph imbalances, yeast or BV infections & other common womb/female health issues. Other areas that our wellness products target are: high blood pressure, high blood sugar, weight loss (release), emotional/mental traumas, low energy, low libido, skin disorders, acne/pimples/rashes, imbalances in colon health, issues in prostate/male health & more.

These products will help your body to HEAL itself from a myriad of issues, & provide natural healthy maintenance to your body. Click here to learn more details on how these products work and how they can benefit you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any "side effects" while on the goddess body cleanse?

Some women on the Goddess Body Cleanse ™ may experience what is termed as " detox symptoms" while cleansing depending on the levels of toxicity in your system. Some women have no ill feeling effects whatsoever, while others may experience headaches, chills, wooziness, breakouts, nausea etc. 

This is why it's termed a "DE-tox" to “release toxicity” . The plant based compounds are not causing you to "get sick" or break out, as they are medicinal plants whose purpose is to stimulate YOUR BODY to RELEASE pent up toxicity that has been stored throughout the tissues, blood etc. from the food you eat, thoughts you think (hormones), and environment you live in (air, water, household & personal care products used etc.). This is a sign of the body throwing off pent up toxicity from specific organs (Google “ holistic facial chart” to see what areas are being cleansed depending on where facial break outs are occurring if any).  

The body stored “toxicity” to begin with because it was being introduced at a rate that was too high for your liver and other Major cleansing organs to filter the good from the bad. So the way the body intelligence works, is to store away what cannot be processed in the tissues, cells, etc. until it can get to them.. But if you are constantly inundating your body with toxicity it will not only not get to what's pent up.. It will begin to debilitate the organs that help to filter waste & further Toxify the system. 

Those who have made the wise decision to cleanse , may or may not experience what has been pent up inside of you all along in this manner. If you do, I would suggest not stopping, but instead upping your water intake to 1/2 your body weight in ounces & adding fresh ginger to your daily eating/drinking regimen & possibly a tea with hibiscus flowers (like sorrel); to help clear the bloodstream faster until symptoms subside. 

Yours in Health & Happiness,

Angela Elizabeth MS CHHP

Holistic Biologist Multi-Genius ☥

How do I know if my yoni pH is off balance?

A woman's vaginal pH is about 3.8 to 4.5. Things like douching, sex, non-cotton underwear, diet, and perfumed products can interfere with the vagina's pH levels throwing off your vagina's "biome" or the ecosystem of good bacteria in the vagina. This imbalance may cause bacterial infections.

The vagina IS optimally self cleaning & maintaining WHEN one consumes a healthy diet, plenty water, and regular showers/bath. HOWEVER if any or a combination of these good health & hygiene practices becomes lacking, a woman may succumb to ill vaginal health.

GODDESS YONI OIL® adds the power of naturally occurring plant based herbs, oils & minerals to AID THE BODY in NATURALLY restoring vagina flora balance, assist in the healing & PREVENTION of excess bacteria from sweat/workouts, intercourse, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, itchiness, & mal odor.

Apply GODDESS YONI OIL® to your vagina after shower or bath ( See product description for "how to's). GODDESS YONI OIL® can also be used as a STELLAR female LUBRICANT & utilized for overall antimicrobial issues from head to toe (scalp & skin ringworm, dandruff, athletesfoot etc.) !

With re-occurring vaginal infections, The Goddess Body Cleanse ™ will help re-set your vagina chemistry & entire female hormonal/emotional & physical body systems from inside out Also be sure to at least eliminate sugary & processed foods like candy bars, pies, cakes, breads, white rice, pastas & replace w/ higher fresh fruit & veggie intake, & drink 1/2 your body weight in oz of water DAILY. Also, detergents disguised as soaps w/ toxic ingredients in the yoni 😿 will offset the proper vaginal ph & flora, so natural is best (GODDESS YONI WASH® available as well).

Yours in Health & Happiness,

Angela Elizabeth MS CHHP

Holistic Biologist Multi-Genius ☥

Is yoni steaming safe? Is it effective?

Vaginal Steaming is safe & highly effective when done properly & with the proper tools! Over the toilet AINT IT! In no circumstance is this ok or hygienic, you are causing more harm than good! Plastic steam seats from China that when heated up can absorb toxicity into your Yoni AINT IT EITHER!

Our Goddess Yoni Spa® , is the ultimate feminine health & rejuvenation tool for the 21st century goddess!! Energetically a woman’s vagina, & womb are associated with the root & sacral chakras . These 2 chakras also represent sexuality & “giving life” through following intuition and right acton. When any physical issues arise in these areas, there have already been an energetic imbalance in these areas as well that further attracted to us the physical issue. Yoni steaming (also known as vaginal steaming , V-steaming etc.) is an alternative health treatment that can help alleviate imbalances in these energy centers and in combination with other holistic treatments help to alleviate physical manifestations of imbalance in these areas.

The basic tenant is a woman squats or sits over steaming water containing a variety of herbs , creating a form of vaginal aromatherapy that steams the vagina with herbs. POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Vaginal steaming with The Goddess Yoni Spa® offers many holistic health benefits including:

* reducing menstrual symptoms, such as bloating, cramps, exhaustion, and heavy bleeding

* boosting fertility

* promoting healing after childbirth

* reducing stress

* treating hemorrhoids

* increasing energy and reducing fatigue

* treating headaches

* opening & detoxifying chakras

* restoring healthy vaginal lubrication

* womb & sexual trauma release

* increasing energy and reducing fatigue

* generalized pain relief (especially hormonal induced) .

Our Goddess Yoni Spa® is handcrafted by a master carpenter and 100% plantbased cedarwood !! It is literally a beautiful functional piece of furniture that will last generations with proper upkeep; something you can pass on to your daughters for their sacred healing too!

Yours in Health & Happiness,

Angela Elizabeth MS CHHP

Holistic Biologist Multi-Genius ☥

Is it safe to do the goddess body cleanse while breastfeeding?

We have quite a few clients, both on and off IG who had great results with the Goddess Body Cleanse while breast feeding! I too cleansed with our Goddess Body Cleanse™ while breast feeding all 5 of my babies! 
Our Goddess Body Cleanse™ is nutritive in nature and actually helps to enhance/fortify the milk supply, not diminish/alter negatively in any way. BUT all cleanses/ detox systems are not created equal!!! Many cleanses on the market tend to be liver/colon &/or herbal capsules and are a lot more harsh in their detoxifying effects as the herbal dosages are ALOT more concentrated & the types of herbs solely focus on stimulating certain organs to release waste into the bloodstream, without changing the diet many times too.

Goddess Body cleanse is made with the entire anatomy of a woman in mind, and not solely on one organ type. It's holistic, and as a liquid extract the cleansing effect is gentler, but yet effective and compounding overtime, allowing your system to adapt to changes overtime which is more natural to the body, leading to longer lasting results!

I DO NOT recommend cleansing while pregnant however, as some of the herbs may cause premature uterine contractions. Others are anti-parasitic ridding worms that may be residing in the colon but the fetus acts somewhat like a parasite in the mothers body! Therefore, it's best to focus on clean eating and the babies growth and development, rather than "releasing" until at least 6 weeks postpartum. 

Yours in Health & Happiness,

Angela Elizabeth MS CHHP

Holistic Biologist Multi-Genius ☥

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