Everything you need to know about healing &
detoxing your Womb w/ Herbal Extracts,
Teas &Yoni Steam Herbs

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Everything you need to know about detoxing
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Herbal Medicine

Remember Herbal Medicine & Plant-Based remedies have been around nearly as long as written history extends. Also known as infusions, herbal tea, & herbal extracts are simply the combination of hot water, or some other “pulling” liquid substrate such as alcohol, vegetable glycerin, (or oil like used in @GoddessBody hygiene products) combined with dried fruit, flower, roots, seeds, barks &/or leaves. The healing nutrients & medicinal qualities are then absorbed out of the plants using natural extraction methods & remain in the liquid base and then used to nourish ones spirit, mind & body.

The plants we utilize in our remedies will not produce deleterious “side effects” like those found in prescription meds. Nature already has it packaged in a way that will not bring harm and is recognized by the human body. It may take longer to work, but this is why when consuming plant-based healing regimens, it is best (not mandatory, but best) to eat a majority plant-based diet more conducive to cleansing, nourishing and strengthening.

Our remedials are all made from a combination of traditional medicinal herbs, & healing minerals, many of which have been clinically tested in modern times for their potent and invaluable healing attributes. All Goddess Body wellness formulas are developed & created by Angela Elizabeth MS CHHP, Herbalist & Holistic Biologist. YOUR BODY CAN rid you of disease with the proper building blocks, discipline, mind-set, and assistance.